We specialize in the comprehensive realization of industrial automation systems from the idea, through design and implementation, ending with commissioning and validation. If You would like to use a selected part of our range of services, we present the following stages below:


  • Agreement on the concept before beginning of the project,
  • Designing electrical diagrams of machines, devices and production lines in CAE EPLAN,
  • Assembly of control cabinets,
  • Programming PLC and HMI operator panels,
  • Modernization of programs for PLC and HMI operator panels,
  • Supervision over the assembly of control systems,
  • Control system tests,
  • Validation,
  • Commissioning of equipment, machines and production lines,
  • Modernization of software of machines and production lines (PLC, HMI),
  • Management and implementation of modernization projects for machines and production lines,
  • Preparation, updating and reproduction of documentation,
  • Technical consultancy,
  • Trainings,


  • Machine evaluation for compliance with the Machinery Directive or the Use of Work Equipment Directive,
  • Evaluation of machine control systems (verification of new or existing control systems in terms of safety standards),
  • Evaluation of technical documentation of machines,
  • Technical consultancy,
  • Implementation of safety improvement recommendations,
  • Trainings,


  • Machinery servicing, locating and removing failures, faults and conducting repairs,
  • Diagnosing failures and faults using diagnostic tools for programmable controllers,
  • Backup of control systems software and its updating (creation of periodical backups),
  • Reviewing technical and operational documentation and investment documentation,
  • Supervision and updating of technical and operational documentation,
  • Commissioning of new machines and devices or machines after relocations,
  • Recreating of control diagrams and technical documentation,

During realization of projects, we use extensive experience and knowledge in the field of, among others:
– machinery safety aspects in accordance with the EN ISO 12100 standard,
– electrical equipment of machines in accordance with the EN 60204-1 standard,
– machines control systems in accordance with EN ISO 13849,
– pneumatic equipment of machines in accordance with the EN ISO 4414 standard,
– emergency stop circuits in accordance with the EN ISO 13850 standard,
so that the whole machine (or control system) complies with the Machinery Directive – “CE mark”.

From the concept, through the design of control systems, the design of PLC controllers / HMI panels, commissioning, validation, documentation – so that everything is in accordance with the standards harmonized with the Machinery Directive – “CE mark”.